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My Ragdoll Family
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ragdoll Kittens- Kitten Play or Kitten/ cat Fight?

The photo on the left is from my latest litter of seven at Megailee Ragdolls.
They are all bicolor with 3 seal and 4 blue. Four are boys. All cute and nicely marked. Of course all Ragdolls are cute regardless of markings and color.

These two kittens pictured are now seven weeks of age. One is a seal bicolor and female and the other is a blue bicolor and male.

Sometimes I find it hard to tell if they are playing or fighting. Kittens sure can play rough. Wrestling moves are amazing to watch. I do think that they are attempting to determine rank in the litter as they would in any pack. At this age they are interested in playing for the fun of it as well as seeing just who is the best at running, pouncing, or climbing. Sometimes you hear one cry out and want to intervene. The next moment they are grooming each other. They are learning what hurts and just how rough they can be. They also enjoy each other's company. Ragdolls are very social. They like other pets and all people. They will follow you from room to room and just want to be with you. Not all are lap cats. Some are and some evolve into it. Personality, environment, and daily interactions all part a part. Early socialization is important but lessons from life are more so.

Anyway time to visit the kittens again. The two that were fighting and/or playing the hardest and now happily napping side by side.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Megailee Ragdoll Kittens - Weaning Time

The litter of 7 kittens are now 4 weeks of age. If you count the heads you will count seven. All in this litter are bicolor as both parents are bicolor. We have blues and seals. I have a larger fleece bed but they seem to enjoy getting cozy in the smaller bed.
As long as they are warm and happy then I am happy.

A lot is happening at this age. They need to learn to eat solids and give their mom a break. Litterbox training is also happening at this time. I also have accessibility to scratch posts to get them training.

When solid food is introduced some take to it and others will lag behind. When ever food is introduced there is also the chance of tummy upsets and diarrhea as well. The slow introduction of solids is often a 2-3 week process but the goal is to be fully weaned by 8 weeks of age. I have known 4 month old kittens to continue to nurse if the opportunity is presented.

Litter box training is part nature, nurture, and training. Clay litter is used just in case they should swallow it so that they do not choke. So far there is good training going on and they are watching their mom and have a desire to learn and be clean. When they are adopted at about 11/12 weeks of age they are used to clay and clumping litter in both covered and uncovered boxes.

They are staring at the scratch post so I think it may take a few days until they climb it and use it. I put both vertical and horizontal posts around. They enjoy the vertical ones with the toy on top as it becomes a ragdoll kitten contest to see who reaches the top first. The winner gets the best view and a hug from me. Actually they all gets hugs and kisses.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How Do We Place Ragdoll Kittens with Future Families?

On the left is a photo of a litter of newborn Ragdoll kittens. We are so happy when a baby is placed in a loving home and kitten and everyone does well. Some people prefer a certain color / pattern/ gender.
Personality and socialization is also important and each ragdoll does have their own personality but overall all are loving.

Did you ever wonder how we decide if the kitten is right for you or how does the family decide if that is the kitten for them ?

Megailee Ragdolls tries to match the personality of the kitten with the home situation.

For example:

Oliver/ Olivia was an only kitten in a litter and so I knew she would not be happy in a household with several pets and several kids or a lot of change. She needed routine. She just wasn't used to that and needed attention and quiet time. She is an active playful kitten but her upbringing was a bit different than some others. Some old posts on my blog talk about her bottle feeding days. There were a few good families that could have adopted her. She ended up placed as an only pet with a local adoptive parent who has a lot of time at home for her.

Sparky: He was one of 5 in a litter and super active. He was ok if you picked him up but preferred to play and jump on his brothers and sisters. He would wake them up to play!
He went to live with 3 active young boys and a dog and a parrot.

When placing a kitten in a household with a resident cat I try to match personalities. I place one who is curious and playful but not dominant so that he/she doesn't make the existing cat feel out of place. We hope to have the personalities compliment each other and not be a threat to each other. The goal is to be buddies for life.

Janessa was placed as an adult at age 3 into a family with an existing male who was about 1 year of age. Here her favorite activities were sleeping and eating. She was beautiful to look at and a super sweet girl. Her new family is thrilled with her. She plays with the boy all the time and he just sits and watches her sleep and waits patiently for her to wake up so she could play. They are also home alone during the day to keep each other company.

Sometimes a couple / family/ person will visit here if undecided and pick a kitten. Some base it on who runs up to them first. Some people like the biggest kitten in the litter. Others judge it on who will let them hold them the longest. Several criteria for a one hour visit. Of course if you visit during nap time vs feeding time the story may be different. Sometimes you need to go on gut feeling and at other times the breeder who spends more time with them should know the personalities better.

As with all living things it is nature, nurture, and environment that determines and shapes the personality and behavior of your Ragdoll Kitten.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Should Megailee Ragdolls Add a MINK Ragdoll ?

Megailee Ragdolls has always bred and raised traditional ragdolls. We have blues and seals in every pattern. I strive for healthy happy well socialized kittens.

Recently I have been thinking of adding a mink ragdoll to my small cattery. My reasoning is to cater to those people that want and like the color option. Some breeders and others have strong opinions about this but I think it is mostly due to whom and how they are placed for adoption.

The little boy in the photo is a blue mitted mink ragdoll. Any ragdoll breeder I add would be DNA HCM negative and registered with TICA with a pedigree. I think he is cute.

I believe if you are honest with people and have them understand that the main difference between mink and traditional is the color and color contrast between the points. The eyes are usually aqua (green/blue) vs blue and they are born with color vs white. Fur is not softer and they do not have special powers. Like lynx and the red series they would be a color option for potential ragdoll parents. They currently are not allowed to be shown but all are ragdolls and registered.

What do you think? Should Megailee Ragdolls in NC add a Mink Ragdoll to our breeding program?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zooey - Blue Mitted Ragdoll Kitten

Pictured above is Zooey who is a blue mitted Ragdoll kitten living in AL with her adoptive mom Katie. Zooey's parents are Cerafina and Maxwell.

The photo on the left was taken recently and the one on the right is on her trip home when she was about 3 months of age. That was the first photo Katie took of Zooey and was at a gas station on the way home from my house.

Katie has stayed in touch with me and I enjoy receiving updates on Zooey. I though others may enjoy the photos and to hear how things are going in one Ragdoll household.

Zooey is nicknamed "golden cat" by my family and friends because she is just that perfect! Literally, she has been more than I could have ever asked for from the moment I picked her up 6 months ago. She adjusted well to her new life here with me. She greets me at the door every time I come home, sits in the other chair at the table while I eat meals, and sleeps in my bed each night. Her favorite toys include her fish, fluff balls, and straws. We play fetch with the fish and fluff balls and she'll bat around the straws for hours. Really, Gail, I could not ask for a better companion. Being a young professional living on my own it is so nice to have Zooey here with me. I have no idea what I did before her.

Thanks again! I don't think I could ever thank you enough! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oliver is Olivia !!!!??!!!!

I took Oliver the blue bicolor ragdoll kitten to the vet today to get neutered as a prospective parent is set to adopt him next week. Well at 11:00 the phone is ringing and my heart is racing as it is the vet. Did you bring the right kitten they asked? I only have one I replied in terror. Well we are pretty sure Oliver is a GIRL!

I was so Embarrassed. How could I make this mistake. The last time I looked was at 2-3 weeks of age and the kitten was only concerned with getting bottle fed at that time. Getting up every 2 hours round the clock also didn't help my disposition. And since there was only 1 kitten in the litter I didn't need to differentiate them. Once we named the kitten Oliver (like the movie) it seemed to fit. I guess it is possible I was wrong.

On the positive side: Olivia get a clean bill of health from the vet and I had to beat the vet techs away as they all wanted to pet and hold the kitten. She was purring all the time.

I just heard from the new parent and she is glad to be able to adopt her ragdoll kitten regardless of gender. If fact, she had a wonderful sense of humor about it. Now I am sure Oliver/ Olivia or whatever her new name will be will be well loved and get the attention she deserves.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Questions To Ask When Adopting a Ragdoll Kitten

This adorable kitten on the left is a blue mitted ragdoll kitten from a past litter at Megailee Ragdolls. He is one example of the color/pattern of ragdoll that is available.

When you have have located a kitten and you are deciding if he/she is the one for you there are several questions I would ask the breeder.
You may email and/or call the breeder. I always prefer to deal with someone who is responsive to me in a timely manner. Good customer service before as well as after the adoption is important.

Bear in mind the questions and concerns below are for general discussion and add more if there are special issues to you.

The areas of concern for me is the following:

1. Size of cattery - some prefer a small cattery so that disease or illness is more manageable and kittens are able to get more attention. A large cattery can still be managed well but a lot depends on the breeder and space requirements. When I see a website with 20 kittens for adoption at the same time and 4 kings and 10 queens I move on.

2. Has the Sire and Dam (parents of the kitten) been DNA HCM tested?
Test result should be negative for both. Not a 100% guarantee but a very good one that there should not be heart disease down the road.

3. Socialization of the kitten - who interacts with them and when and how often.
Kittens should be sent home close to 12 weeks of age.

4. Is the kitten spayed or neutered prior to adoption? Most do this but not everyone. Sometimes it depends on vet practice or location. A lower price may not be a bargain if you pay $150-$250 for the operation. Vet prices vary greatly as well so shop around.

5. Ask if the kittens have URI (colds) or diarrhea or any illness prior to adoption. Not necessarily a reason to reject a kitten but could be a sign of other things. A breeder should not adopt out a kitten when ill as adoption creates stress and could make a situation worse.

6. Best to visit kitten and cattery but not always possible. If there, look at the kitten for signs of runny eyes, coat texture, body weight, playfulness, etc. Does the cattery smell, is it clean, etc.

7. Where are the kittens raised?
I keep the kittens in a separate nursery with their mom until the first set of vaccines and then they have run of the house.

8. Is the cattery TICA and/or CFA registered? Is the breeder a member of RFCI?
Not always a guarantee that they are good but would increase my confidence.

9. Beware of Fancy websites. Fancy doesn't mean better or healthier.

10. Ask for references.

11. Do they show their cats in cat shows (TICA, CFA, etc).
At least you know they are trying to maintain the standard.

12. Go with gut feeling. Sometimes nearest is not best. Try not to let emotion get the best of you. This is hard when one is so so cute!

13. Questions and concerns are a bit different for an adult cat but that is another post.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wally - Blue Mitted Lynx Ragdoll Kitten

Some of the happiest emails I receive are from people who have adopted kittens from me in the past. It is exciting to see what they look like as older kittens and young adults. I enjoy reading about them and it is a great satisfaction to know I was involved in bringing joy and happiness to someone.

The following is from Erin in MI who adopted Wally. This handsome boy is a blue Mitted lynx male and is currently 8 months of age.

I wanted to send you an update on Walter aka...Wally, Wall, Wallball, Wallman.

Wally has been an absolute joy. I really don't know how to express in words the happiness he has brought to my home.

Wall is quite the character let me tell you... he is hilarious! He is everything I have read about Ragdolls and more.

He tries to help me with whatever I may be doing at the moment.......and I mean everything... He "helps" (so I tell him) change my sheets, put away clothes, cook, even tries to help me walk sometimes. He is also sitting at the door when I come home!

He has a love for Q-tips... which he knocks over my trash to get them!! Even pays enough attention to notice when I put one in the trash. Need to start covering the trash I guess.

He has been great with his scratch posts! I was shocked at how natural it seemed to him.

Wally also has a cousin who is a 100+lb Rottweiler named Kane. Wally just lays on his back and lets Kane kiss, sniff, and lick him.

He loves, loves people and I must say he has quite the personality :) He likes to test me....... for example he has 3 different scratching posts around the house, but yet when he wants attention he "fake" scratches the couches... it's like he knows that I will stop what I am doing to correct him. Once I notice him... he gives me this funny look and runs to his scratch post... such a silly man.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ragdoll Kitten Megailee Oliver Looking For a Forever Home

Oliver is doing great and really growing up fast.
He is now almost 9 weeks of age. His marking are very nice and he is a sweet boy. He looks you right in the face and makes me laugh.
He got all dressed up with a tie for his ragdoll kitten photo. He looked so cute I had to put in the photo and write a bit about my favorite boy.
As a baby from 2 weeks of age until about 6 weeks he was bottle fed as his mom Dolly did not have enough milk. You could never tell by looking at him. My older posts have photos and the story of Baby Oliver.
In a few days Oliver will get out of the kitten nursery and have free roam of the whole house.
Not a very big house but big for him. I hope he and Tiger Lily (my blue mitted lynx girl kitten) will get along. We were debating about placing her as a pet or keeping her for a while to decide if she could be a breeder for Megailee Ragdolls. She is 2 months older than Oliver but a sweet girl so I think they will be friends.
Oliver is hoping to be adopted by a loving family who can give him tons of attention all the time.
He prefers not to be shipped via cargo and would rather travel with his new adopted family so that they can cuddle. He knows the perfect fit will come along and so for now he is learning, growing, and playing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kingstone Wants a Date - Ragdoll Mating

Megailee Kingstone is a 1 year old seal bicolor male. He is a very loving boy and has free roam of the house. Fortunately he does not spray. He gets along with everyone.

Maxwell who is my blue mitted lynx male and main stud get along with each other. I dont think they consider the other competition.

Kingstone is starting to get a bit restless and I think he wants another date with a female ragdoll lady. In the photo to the left he put on a tie to try to attract the girls. His stunning good looks and personality should be enough to get the girls. Anyway, he has dated Lucy and produced a litter and he has courted Cerafina. Dolly is his mother and she is in love with Maxwell.

In the next year Maxwell has an appointment with Cerafina so I dont think Kingstone will have a lot of social activity. I have to either place him as a pet in a loving home or as a breeder in a small loving cattery. Being a small cattery I really limit the amount of cats and think for me that one male and 3 females (maximum) is good for my household. I need the space for all of them (including kittens) and want to be able to socialize all well.

Bottom line- I want Kingstone to be happy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oliver The Ragdoll Kitten - Now 6 Weeks Old

Oliver continues to do good and is growing everyday. His eyes are still BIG but his head is now bigger so his eyes seem more suitable for his head :)
He is so cute! He is my favorite ragdoll kitten at the moment. Everyone fights over wanting to hold him and kiss his head.
He still needs his bottle and I am tired of washing it and feeding. He hasn't taken to solid food yet. Most kittens take to it by 5 weeks.
He was a fast bloomer for everything else. He walked, ran , talked, and opened his eyes ahead of schedule. He even motor-purrs. Hopefully he will love the solid food soon so I can get a bit more sleep.
Anyway- wanted to give an update on my precious little boy. Off to play , eat, sleep now.
I mean me not Oliver :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fluffy Calico Cat and Ragdoll Kittens - Peace at Last

Fluffy who is our Calico Cat and first resident at Megailee Ragdolls opened the door to her bedroom and to her displeasure found 3 ragdoll kittens in the livingroom running around and making some noise during her nap. I was sure a hissy fight would ensue as Fluffy does not get along with the other cats and kittens. I think she is just uncertain of herself as she is loving and a real lap cat normally. She sleeps with my daughter and tolerates being dressed up and hugged 100 times so she is child friendly. Her best pal years ago was our pet sheltie dog. She even had a best buddy seal colorpoint ragdoll female cat. Now she really doesn't seem to want to associate with the others :(
The ragdoll kittens are between 12-15 weeks of age. Lizette who is a seal mitted girl is staying here to someday be a breeder. The other seal mitted girl we intend to have adopted out as a pet. The blue mitted lynx girl will either be a future breeder somewhere or a loving pet. We are forming a waiting list for her. They all play fine together. When they saw Fluffy they went over to her and said hi by touching noses. Fluffy seemed not to mind and was more interested in smelling everything and investigating what they were doing. Of course she ran to their food bowl and ate everything. She is a bit plump and needs to watch her weight. For the kittens I leave dry food out all the time so this is a concern when you mingle different age groups. I am happy to report Fluffy is getting along and everyone is now watching TV or napping. Lets give peace a chance!
Update on Oliver: Still likes his bottle and getting bigger each day. Slow to take to dry food.
Doing well overall. Dolly also doing well.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ollie Uses The LitterBox - Raising a Ragdoll Kitten :)

I was so excited today. I went into Ollies's room and saw something in the litterbox. I knew it came from him and not his mom Dolly as it was too small. I was so thrilled. This is like when your child is toilet trained or pull-up trained. The days of smells and cleaning and just plain stinky stuff is hopefully gone. Also, no puddles this morning :)
So I fed Oliver and then he tapped my knee and jumped int the litterbox. He squatted but nothing came out. He fumbled out of the box as it is still pretty big for him. He looked proud and right into my face with his BIG EYES. Good boy!
It is amazing as he really is doing this on his own. I remember reading some breeder's websites and they state litterbox trained. If you adopt a 8-12 week old and he isn't using the box you have a problem. Most of this is instinct and with proper care and supervision should be a done deal by 7 weeks the latest. Most I have trained by 5 weeks of age. Some sooner.
Weaning is another story. Oliver will not go and eat on his own. He takes his bottle and then I hand feed him a bit. His teeth are sharp now and he has chomped down on me and made me cry a few times. I have had kittens in a litter who needed or wanted the extra attention. They usually were the smallest ones. I hope he gets it soon as then he can eat whenever he wants and doesn't need me around. Talking about food I am hungry AGAIN!
Hey readers- please leave comments so I know what you like or may want to know more of.
Also please take the poll on the right column of my blog ;)
Oliver the Ragdoll Kitten - Growing up will continue ..................

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oliver, The Bottle Fed Ragdoll Kitten Wants a Friend

Little Oliver is now 4.5 weeks old and still relying on a bottle for nourishment. Very slowly I am introducting solid food. He seems to prefer the bottle though.

He is growing and doing well. His little teeth are like needles and he can chomp down. I tried to hand feed him and he got my finger. (ouch!)

The hard part is litterbox training. I walk into his room and he races toward me. Sometimes he crawls right up my leg. I lift him up and kiss his head and then sit down. Unfortunately I often sit in a puddle of pee pee.

Using a litterbox is partly instinct and observation. Maybe I will play a video for him?

His diarrhea is a bit better. He has been on antibiotics for the past 2 days. Something about stomach bacteria. My vet's motto is when in doubt use an antibiotic. Not totally sure I agree but will try. Also canned pumpkin (not the spicy pie type) and plain yogurt or Iams hairball dry cat food is good for diarrhea as well.

Hopefully Ollie will continue to grow and get on solids and stop the tummy upsets.

Hopefully he will get a friend or enjoy his dolls. I am so upset when I hear him crying. Of course I run into his room when his happens. He deserves happiness and is such a sweet boy. He stares right at me with his BIG EYES. We here at Megailee Ragdolls love him so and who knows it is tempting to want him here always. Now, it only I had a bigger house.........

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why and When do Cats Purr?

The other day someone came over to pick out a kitten. Since there were almost 2 identical seal mitted girls she was overwhelmed in deciding which one was for her. One girl when picked up purred instantly. The other girl was calm and ragdoll kitten relaxed but no purr (at least no yet).
She asked me when do they start to purr?
Great question. I have seen a wide range of when and some I wonder if they will at all. Almost all do at some point in their life.
Kitten purr when nursing and queens (mother cats) purr during birth or just prior to birth as well as when nursing. Little Oliver who is 4 weeks now purrs when I hold him. He sounds like a motor boat but it is a purr. My Janessa started to purr at 4-6 weeks of age. LuLu the 14 week old kitten has been purring since 8 weeks of age. Her sister hasn't started yet. I believe when they start is as variable as their personality.
Reasons Cats Purr:
Birth or Nursing
Purring to a cat or kitten is like a smile to a human.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Frustration With Petsmart

Today I am frustrated with Petsmart in Wake Forest, NC.

I wish I had a Petco or some similar store nearby so I could avoid them forever. I may choose mail order or a longer drive somewhere and just buy more.

Last week I was running low on newborn kitten milk replacer for little Oliver so I went there to buy KMR which is what he was using. They were out! The dog session had plenty but the cat session had empty shelves. I think went to Walmart and bought Hartz brand. Oliver delivered diarrhea soon after. Whether it was related or not I do not know.

Today I went to Petsmart to buy Royal Canin Babycat dry food. I plan to soon incorporate solids into the little Oliver's diet. They had NO bags of it at all. Not even a definite answer when I asked when will you get it. How many times does this happen? At a smart ragdoll cat breeder I do not buy in bulk as I want food and other items fresh and feel I should and could be able to obtain them when needed. I use RC due to the fact it is the smallest pieces and easy for kittens 4-5 weeks of age to wean onto. Worked well in the past and they seem to like it. I don't buy the kitten or cat food as see nothing special in it and other brands serve me better.

A new pet food store opened a few weeks ago that is nearer to me. They carry "better" brands of food than in the bulk-type stores. The variety of organic and less by-products is loosely defined as "better". What works for one is what is best. More expensive doesn't mean better. I asked and they did not have what I was looking for but I was not surprised. The person there said they would order for me and call me when it is in. Since I did not up any money I really have nothing to lose. Hopefully the price is the same or similar than the bulk-type store :) Customer serve is important to me and I will shop where there is value and availability. Bigger doesn't always mean better either.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oliver Gaining Weight - Hand Raising an Ragdoll Kitten

Oliver is gaining a bit of weight and so we are happy. I am still bottle feeding him every 3 hours and will do so for another week. He does have very bad liquid diarrhea. As a little kitten you have to stimulate that area so that he will go. Usually the mom does this. I am not sure Dolly is so I also do this with a cotton ball after each meal and in the morning. I just mail ordered another brand of kitten formula so hopefully this will ease the tummy upsets.
When Oliver hears me coming into his room he jumps up and runs to the door. He is so so adorable. He is a very good runner and only 3.5 weeks old. He was walking pretty good at 2 weeks of age. He had to. He was chasing his mom Dolly begging for more food and she kept getting up and walking away from him. Poor kid.
Poor Oliver is an only kitten. My daughter donated her kitten Webkinz and beanie babies to him. He does sleep with them and they keep him a bit warm. Not the same as a real brother or sister kitten but this is the best we can do. I have to get more kitten webkinz dolls as Oliver had a poop accident on one of them. In the photo above he is hugging one of his dolls. Hopefully in another week he will be bigger than the doll.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Raising Oliver - Hand Rearing A Newborn Kitten

Little Oliver was born and then 10 hours later a brother was born. His brother was underweight and never really had a chance. Oliver did well his first week. His mother barely was eating since giving birth. I don't think cats get depression but anything is possible. She was taken to the vet for an ultrasound and total blood work. All was normal.
I noticed Oliver starting to lose weight fast and so I started bottle feeding him at the same time hoping his cat mom would try to nurse him and clean him. She was trying but it was obviously there was no milk available as he screamed and searched frantic for a milk source.
It was very hard at first. Fortunately he was sucking so could use a bottle. I do not know how to tube feed and drop feeding or other forms can cause a kitten so young to choke or die by having too much go in too fast. It can accumulate in the lungs and they could die. Once I got the bottle in his tiny mouth he sucked so fast and loud you can hear it. His belly was blowing up before my eyes. I suppose this is how a tick feels after suckling the blood from its victim? Since Oliver also inhaled lots of air I did burp him. He looked so happy and content afterward.
I have concerns over being a only kitten and him being lonely. My daughter donated her beanie baby and Webkinz kitten dolls. Very gracious thing for one so young to offer. I am also concerned over Oliver and tummy problems and diarrhea. Lots of issues. But for now he is gaining weight and being fed. So this is a good thing. Keep fighting Oliver and YES you can have some more.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How To Select A Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Breeder Perspective - Part 4 of Series

As a breeder I do welcome questions from a potential adopting family. It shows they are interested and want to make sure they are adopting a loving well adjusted kitten or cat. If you are spending money on anything you should do your homework.

Lynn asked a LOT of questions and it seemed like every day there was an email to answer. She requested lots of photos. Sometimes it took me hours to get one good shot as kittens keep moving when young and my camera is not the newest model. There came a time I would actually look forward to logging on and expecting or hoping for her emails. I even considered her a friend and I felt like I knew her other ragdoll Boo. I was concerned that her expectations might be a bit high and therefore she would be disappointed. I mean you really never know what people expect and how a kitten will adjust to a new home, new people, and new resident cat. The best I could do is have him well socialized and care for him here until he leaves to be in his forever home.

One thing to keep in mind that a kitten is a living thing and thus there is no 100% guarantee on anything. Things do happen whether for the good or bad. Parents can be DNA HCM tested and it is possible that there is another gene yet not identified or a mutation can happen. HCM can develop without the gene. Small chance but still possible. Also kidney, cancer, or any other issues can happen even if never exited in the lines before. This can and does happen in humans also. With life there is good and unfortunately some sorrow can exist too. The best we can do is do our research and make the best decision at the time.

I am happy that I get updates from Lynn, Boo, and Bentley. I get the updates from emails and from her own blog. It is great to see him grow up. He is best buddies with his "brother". Hopefully someday he will be best buddies and snuggle up with his human parents. I think he will :) I remember being a little girl and asking my mother "do you love me or daddy better"? My mom replied I love you both but in different ways. That is how I believe Bentley loves Boo and Lynn and family.

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Select a Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Interview with Lynn - Part 3

Two Happy Raggies sharing life with Lynn.

Now to Continue our Interview with how the process of adopting Bentley was. Bentley is the 2nd and younger ragdoll kitten in the family.

5. How did you find Bentley's breeder?

Boo was an “only” for about 3 years. During that time period, his breeder went out of business and I became an active poster on a Ragdoll forum where I really learned A LOT.
I became enchanted by the color and pattern of blue lynx mitteds, and we decided that the time was right to add a second Raggie to our family. I was very nervous venturing away from the wonderful breeders at Ragdoll Central (that by now I felt I had really come to "know" and trust) -- but none of them had any blue lynx mitted babies. Plus, I wanted to avoid shipping the kitten, if at all possible, which limited me demographically; it was very important to me that I meet the breeder, and see the cattery myself, first hand.

So I started looking around, and I first found out about Megailee Ragdolls from a "kitten available" post on Ragdoll Central. By the time I saw that post, that baby had found his forever home, but in the process, I checked out Megailee’s website and saw that there was a new litter with TWO blue lynx mitted kittens – and both BOYS, to boot! (I am such a sucker for little boy kittens!)

6. How did you research this breeder?

I put both her name and her cattery name into multiple internet search engines, and carefully read every link. Through another Ragdoll forum (where I only posted occasionally) I found two people who had adopted kittens from her. I contacted them both and got two RAVE reports on her, the cattery, and her kittens.

Also, I e-mailed Gail a few times with questions and got very positive responses from her. We talked on the phone, and I liked what I heard. I didn’t feel rushed, she was very patient with my many questions, and her genuine affection for her cats came through loud and clear. I asked her for references, and she sent me two, and those people also had nothing but wonderful things to say about her and their kittens.

Next I asked several of my “breeder buddies” from the forum if they knew her or had heard of her, and one of them said she had heard very good things, and the others said they didn’t really know of her, but they had never heard anything NEGATIVE about her, either, and apparently (in the breeder world/grapevine) that’s not nothing!

Then finally I posted on RC about it, and one regular poster there said she knew first hand of three different people who had gotten kittens from Megailee Ragdolls and had nothing but positive experiences. By this time, I was feeling like I had found the breeder I had been looking for.

6. What were your biggest concerns?

Well, there was a logistics problem, namely that I was in Pennsylvania and Megailee’s is in North Carolina -- 500 miles away. My husband and I would be able to make one car trip down to pick up the kitten, but realistically we just weren’t going to be able to make two.

So at point, I had to make a decision. Sending a deposit and committing to this kitten would mean that I wouldn’t get to meet him, or Gail, or see the cattery before pick-up day. This made me nervous, because I had promised myself I would not do that!
But I also felt like I had done my due diligence, and had every reason to hope for and expect a positive, happy outcome. So with fingers, toes, and Boo’s whiskers crossed , we made the decision to trust our instincts and take a bit of a leap of faith.

7. What questions did you need to ask and get satisfactory answers to?

Oh, I had so many questions! My primary considerations were the kitten’s health and temperament. I needed to know that both of his parents had been DNA tested for the HCM gene identified in Ragdolls and were negative. I wanted to know if he had any health concerns? Had his birth been uneventful? Had he had any problems at all, ever? Remembering Boo’s problems, I asked about loose stools or diarrhea. Weepy eyes? Any signs of URI? I wanted to know his weight and his size. What was his temperament like? Was he feisty or bashful, outgoing or shy? Once he had his vet check, I wanted to know if there was any sign of a heart murmur. When it came time for him to be neutered, I worried and paced until I got the update from Gail that all was well.

Each week I looked forward to photos and an update, and we came to love this little boy long before we ever met him in person.

8. Since this was out of state were you satisfied with communication?

Yes. But e-mails can be tricky… they can get lost or overlooked, so there were times I had to email Gail more than once with a question. I also reminded myself that she was busy, and “had a life” beyond breeding Ragdolls. She has a home and a child to care for, and of course, other potential clients to respond to as well.

Once we got close to pick-up day, the communications especially picked up; there was so much to plan. But it all went off without a hitch, and soon we were (FINALLY!) able to meet Gail and pick up Bentley.

9. Was Bentley what you expected?

Bentley exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were VERY high! When I first saw him, I was amazed at how HEALTHY he looked. Big, bright, clear eyes; clean, dry ears and nose; soft plush fur… and so alert and inquisitive. I loved the fact that he’d been raised underfoot, in the midst of a family. Honestly, he was so perfect that I could hardly believe he was ours and that we were going to be able to take this precious baby home with us!

We had a 10-hour car ride home that I was a little nervous about, but he was an angel -- an absolute delight.

Once we got home, he had a complete check-up and got a perfect bill of health from our vet, which thrilled me beyond words. His adjustment to our home, and to his new big brother went seamlessly and he and Boo quickly became the best of friends.

Bentley is sweet and gentle, curious and fearless. He has a quiet purr and a soft little squeak of a meow, which has lovingly earned him the nickname “Squeak”. He has always had excellent litterbox and scratching post habits.

To be honest, he’s not so much of a lap cat as he is a “likes-to-be-near-you” cat, which is how Boo is most of the time, too. Sometimes they prefer cuddling each other to cuddling us mere (furless) humans… but we (try to) take it in stride! They sleep with us (most nights), and greet us at the door after work every day. There are only two places in the house that they are “not allowed”, the kitchen counters and the dining room table, and we have had to tell each of them “no!” only once.

I simply can’t rave enough about our Ragdolls. Both of our cats are wonderful, beautiful animals who have enriched our lives beyond measure.

TO BE CONTINUED............... The Breeders Perspective of The Process

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Select A Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Interview With Lynn - Part 2

1. How many ragdolls do you have? Name/ages/gender

I am happily owned by 2 adorable and spoiled Raggies. Boo will be 4 years old in January 2011; and Bentley ("Squeak") will be one year old in December 2010. Both are boys (neutered of course!); Boo is a seal bicolor, and Bentley is a blue lynx mitted.

2. Where did you find Boo's breeder?

Weeeeeeeeell, merely by chance and happenstance! I live in a small town in PA and became enamored by Ragdolls from something I'd seen on TV. I started researching the breed and from the internet I found a breeder a few hours away.

3. Where you satisfied that you did your homework?

Not now, but at the time, honestly, I just didn't know any better. We had no experience with adopting a purebred animal; all of our many previous pets had been rescues.

The truth is, I didn't recognize a few red flags and ignored some others.

What "red flags"?

Well, for one thing, the breeder was very hard to communicate with. E-mails and phone calls often went unanswered or only half-answered. Once we met her, I saw that the cats were kept in her basement, in various sizes/ types of cages and confinement, far away from the family and all household activities. There were at least 5 litters of kittens of various ages, plus all her breeder cats. She was obviously frazzled and all the cats were skittish. But I barreled on! The fact was, I fell in love with Boo on the spot, put a deposit on him, and brought him home about a week later.

4. What would you do different?

That's a good question. I cant imagine our lives without I do not regret our decision to get him. But Boo came to us with a heart murmur, an URI and diarrhea, none of which we knew about until the day we picked him up. Although he got well and soon began to thrive, at that time my vet actually advised me to return him... but of course there way no way I could even consider that.

And although Boo has always been gentle and sweet, it was obvious to us from the beginning that he had not been well socialized and it took a long time for us to fell like he finally "connected with" and trusted us.

TO BE CONTINUED ...........................................

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Select a Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Interview with Lynn- Part 1

If you are reading this I assume you are in a position to select a ragdoll kitten or any purebred kitten and now need to decide how to pick a breeder. This is a hard decision as there is so much to consider. You are making an investment and want to do your homework. Sometimes the breeder is far away or out-of-state this decision or process of selecting a breeder is more difficult.

With anything in life there is no 100% guarantee but you need to make the best choice with the information that you have at any given time.

When I bought my first puppy many years ago I knew I wanted a buff colored cocker spaniel male. A found a newbie breeder who had just what I wanted and when I wanted. I contacted other breeders but they had a long wait and I didnt want to wait. They were also about $100 -$200 higher in cost. Looking back I actually contacted a BYB without knowing it and ignored "red flags" due to my emotions getting the best of me. I did get AKC papers and met the parents but were they standard and how were they raised?

Long story short- after some high cost medical issues (cherry eye) and multiple ear infections I realized my errors. Once my daughter was born and he nipped at her fingers in the crib I realized he would be better off with a more active household. She also would be better off with all her fingers and toes and I would be less stressed. Expensive lessons that was for sure. I still look at his photos and think "what an adorable little puppy". Sometimes I want another one but I have a few ragdolls and will stick with them for now. They are puppylike and I love them all.

This posting is part of series. I will interview Lynn B. and how she went about her process of selecting her breeders for her Ragdoll kittens.

TO BE CONTINUED.............................................

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Scoop on Cat Poop

The photo on the left is of two ragdoll kittens training for using the litterbox here at Megailee Ragdolls.

I am going to give you the scoop on poop. To be specific diarrhea. I am not a vet and when there is an issue you should consult a professional. I read a lot about the issue and in 90% of the time it does resolve within 48 hours.
For new pet owners it is sometimes a major concern.

Yellow or Greenish stool - fast transit within the system
Black - indicated bleeding in the upper digestive tract
Bloody - lower bowel (colon) bleeding
Pasty or light colored stool - lack of bile
Grey large rancid smelling stool - indicates inadequate digestion

Soft Bulky stool - overfed or poor quality food high in fiber
Watery stool - bowel wall irritation with rapid transit and impaired absorption
Foamy stool - bacterial infection perhaps
Greasy stool - malabsorption syndrome

The concern is usually dehydration. In kittens this is critical but always a concern with any pet or person.

I have found the Iams Hairball dry food helps bind the stools.
Again, when in doubt a vet visit is suggested.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are Ragdolls Kittens Really Quiet?

Is it true that Ragdolls are a quiet breed? We all know Siamese are very vocal. But a kitten that is nonverbal or perhaps squeaks is far fetched isn't it?
Most of my ragdoll cats and kittens are very quiet. They do communicate though. They have a chirp or perhaps a squeak sound when they want to "talk" to each other or us humans. It is so cute to hear. There are different vocalizations when they are happy vs lonely vs in pain. The mother cats calls to her young as well in a sweet purr/chirp sound. Generally speaking they are a quiet breed but there are exceptions.
Lucy who is a seal colorpoint ragdoll is very vocal a lot of time and can be loud. Her son pictured here who is a seal mitted lynx kitten appears to be singing for his supper. Cute ragdoll kitten who can really belt out a tune. Perhaps it runs in lines or maybe they just learn from their mom. Lucy's mom Lacey also was very vocal.
Either way - vocal or not we can communicate ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adopting an Adult Cat

Recently we retired and adopted out our lovely Janessa.
She just turned 3 years old last week and was adopted a few days after her birthday. She was a wonderful mom of her one and only litter and we at Megailee Ragdolls felt she would be happier in a household with only one cat or even alone. If I had a larger home I would definitely have kept our first CFA champion and home bred girl. She is so sweet and gentle with the deepest blue eyes. Her mom is Cerafina and the two look nothing alike. She does have her mom's eyes though.

A client who adopted a kitten a year ago contacted me about Janessa and we thought it would be a great home for her. I heard back a few days ago that all was well and today I received an email that Janessa is getting along with her new buddy (a 1 year old cat) and sleeping with them on the bed at night. She appears to be quite happy. That makes me feel so relieved that it was a good decision. The goal after all is the happiness of the cats (especially one's you have know since birth). With adults they sometimes may take a while to adjust to their new home as well as the resident cat. In this case it only took 3 days.

We love you Janessa! You brought us great joy and will continue to bring your new family happiness.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mink Ragdoll Kittens / Cats - What's it all about?

Being on several Ragdoll forums and discussion groups I hear the question come up a few times as to what is a mink ragdoll. At Megailee Ragdolls in NC we specialize in the traditional colors and do not have minks so I did a little research.

I googled Mink Ragdolls and several photos came up and I randomly choose the one on the left. The coloring and distinction between the points and contrast is less. They are born with color vs the traditional ragdolls are born white. Their eyes are aqua.

For a mink there is the presence of the sepia gene of the Burmese breed and that replaces one of the Ragdoll's two pointed genes. This is what makes the coat and points darker. Minks are considered an unaccepted variant and as such can not be shown.

Mink or the word has nothing to do with a Mink coat and apparently some breeders charge quite a bit more for them. Maybe the word mink just sounds rich.? They really are not rare and you can find them with little effort. A lot of breeders choose not to deal with them due the factors mentioned above.

If you like minks and want one then do your homework on them and the breeder and enjoy. A ragdoll should be close to standard regardless of coloration. For me I will stay with the colors of blue and seal and all patterns of mitted, bicolor, and colorpoint and lynx of course.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Does Nursing End?

This is Lucy and her litter of 5 Ragdoll kittens. In this photo they are 11 weeks old and almost attacked her to nurse. They started weaning onto solid food at around 4-6 weeks of age and by week 8 were fully weaned. They also were litterbox trained by week 5 and scratch post trained as well.

They still will nurse when given the opportunity. In fact if their mom is not around they will suck on another adult (even a male) or a fellow kitten.
When is enough ?

It is a comfort thing for the kittens but is it so for the giver? When it was happening to my older male cat Kingstone he was ok with it but after a while he was not too happy. I would imagine getting all wet and having younger kittens tackle you down cant be too fun. In time they will outgrow this behavior.

There is a time in all our lives when we just have to move on and out of our comfort zone.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vaccine Time for the Ragdoll Kittens

Tomorrow (Monday) is vaccine time for the Cerafina ragdoll kittens. I really don't like needles and dislike having to be around a kitten or cat getting a vaccine. It is a necessary evil I guess. I would cringe when even my own child got a shot. The first time my child got a vaccine they told her it would only sting like a bee. The look of innocence was dashed when tears when streaming down her face. It hurt and they lied and she trusted the doctor. I don't think she ever forgot her first shot and that was years ago.
Anyway, the sweet lovable ragdoll kittens will get their first vaccines. Some don't seem to care and others protest at being held still. Some even give out a shout as it is happening. There are no tears. I don't tell them it will only sting like a bee but instead I hug each one and say it is ok. Within minutes they are running about and playing like nothing happened.
This is a good life lesson if only we could all learn. Try to accept a situation and move on. Always hope for the best and make the best of a situation.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cat Myths

Here are some cat myths:

1. Cats have nine lives - sometimes they just get lucky and are quite agile
2. Cats need to drink milk - after weaning age it is a no no unless you want diarrhea
3. Cats eat plants if sick - just not true
4. Cats purr whenever they are happy - true but they also purr if scared or injured. It seems to be a comfort sort of thing. They also purr when giving birth and when nursing.
5. Cats are dangerous around babies - I believe the opposite is true but I wouldn't leave the two alone.
6. Cats don't hunt if well fed - not true as hunting is an instinct. Whether they kill or not is another story. Sometimes it is accidental and they play with their food. Another time they may bring you a gift.
7. Cats can be kept from using their claws - scratching is an instinct and one way to leave their scents. Redirect the action unto acceptable places like scratch posts.
8. Cat fur causes allergies - it is the proteins in skin secretions and saliva known as dander that is the cause. Some people react more to certain breeds of cats than others.
9. Black cats are bad luck - well not all black cats. Of course if I walked under a ladder then saw a black cat cross my path on Friday the 13th I would probably go home and back to bed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dolly Finally Delivers a Ragdoll Kitten(s)

Our Dolly was 3 days late in delivery and I was getting a bit concerned. It is always possible to miscalculate but generally she is a 65 day gestation. She seemed needy yesterday so all day I sat and read to her and kept her company. Finally at 4 a.m. she delivered a kitten. He or she was breech but came out ok and is happy and nursing. It is now about 9 a.m. and no other kittens have been delivered. Hmm. one this time?? Too bad as I have a waiting list with 3 people on it already all waiting for lynx kittens. Important thing is that he/ she is healthy and has a fantastic life. We love you Dolly!

I am so so so tired today.

Update - I was out of the house for only an hour between 2-3 and when I came home and checked on Dolly there was now 2 kittens! Ten hours later but both are nursery and looking well. The first 48 hours are most critical and then the first 2 weeks.

Way to go Dolly!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kittens in the Fireplace - Oh NO

Sorry there are no photos today. My PC with all my photos and paperwork has a virus.
Whenever I turn it on is freezes within 5 minutes. I never had this and am not totally sure who to call and trust. It is a desktop PC so they would have to come over here to fix. Anyway I am on a laptop so decided to post. This laptop will drive me crazy as it is a different operating system and the software is version 2003 vs 2007 plus there is no num pad. A person who likes math needs a number pad.

The other day we had someone come over to see some of the adults. The minute they rang the bell the one brave or not so brave kitten decided to explore the fireplace. I have a mesh screen in front but she managed to part the screen where the two sides merge and was inside. I havent used the fireplace due to the cats in about 4 years so it was fairly clean. Anyway the girl now has a dark round spot on the top of her head. Non-traditional Ragdoll kitten markings for a seal mitted ;) I have since made sure that no kitten will get through again as I dont want to start a new breed of Ragdoll (spotted). But then again it would be rare and probably in demand. For now I want to specialize in traditional colors and patterns.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vet Cost for Spay/ Neuter - Need to Shop Around

All pets leaving here to go to their adopted homes as pets are spayed (if a female) or neutered (if a male) by Megailee Ragdolls cattery. It is one less think to worry about for a new "parent".
The thing I have found is a major variation in price for similar services and the need to shop around. There are about 4 vet offices within a 45 min drive from here. The closest one is the most expensive and never seems to be able to fit me in when there is an emergency. For example I was once quoted a price of $350 for a spay. This included an overnight stay and meds. Whether I wanted it or not was not an option. Other prices varied from $125 - $250. Males are a bit cheaper and some offices charge the same for female or male. Other than the above place I am always able to get a very sick cat or kitten in the same day. Fortunately I do not need this service often.
My point is to compare prices of types of procedures and judge quality and service of the vet office. I use different places for different things.
When adopting a pet make sure you ask whether the spay/neuter is completed prior to adoption. Sometimes what seems like a cheaper price for a pet may end up costing more. I remember the lady who complained after the fact that her bargin $600 ragdoll kitten cost $850 after her spay.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Visitors to See Ragdoll Kittens Today

Today I had visitors to decide on a ragdoll kitten. Last week I also had a family visit to decide on a kitten from Lucy's litter. It was great fun and they choose a wonderful boy. He was the only boy in the kitten.
Today the people were looking at a blue bicolor from Cerafina and made their choice. The kittens had a blast playing feather toy chase games. They also played with the Lucy's kittens and it was a hard decision as she really wanted one from each.

Lucy's litter (the seal mitted clan) have run of the house now and I can hear racing up and down the hardwood floors half the day. It is so fun to watch them. The floor is a bit slippery.

Cerafina's kittens (the blue clan) now have the kitten nursery room and are enjoying their new found space and new toys.

Most are cat napping now as all had a hard day of socialization.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cat Bed From a Suitcase - Craft Project

I saw this cat bed project on a ragdoll forum of which I am a member.

This website looks very interesting and can be fun for a handy person.

Here is the link to the pet bed suitcase project. Good for cats or dogs.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kittens Bust Out of The Nursery and Have Run of the House

The kittens have received their first set of vaccines and so now can leave the nursery and have run of the house. For weeks whenever we open the door they make a mad dash out and I have to place them back in. The big girl and the boy are the first ones to attempt to break out and obtain their much desired freedom.
Yesterday the door was wide open and they were finally free to explore the living room and the kitten with new and exciting smells and sounds. Guess what- 90% of the time they are hanging either in their room and right in front of it. I know that in a day or so they will be running all around and having fun.
I guess this proves the grass is greener on the other side.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free Cat Litter for A Survey

If you fill out this survey you receive free cat litter.
I believe this applies only to the USA.

Good Luck from the cat and kitten crew at Megailee Ragdolls

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feather Toys and Kitten Play

Ever wonder why it is that you bring out a feather toy and the cats and kittens go wild? It could be the trill of the chase. The desire to be the best in the litter and catch it first. The joy of running and chasing for no reason. Sorta like when you were 5 and ran in the grass going nowhere but enjoying just running. Maybe it is instinct and part of the survival of the fittest.
I remember when I brought out a feather/ball toy to 5 week old kittens. They hid and were so scared. But the 8 week old kittens love it. The favorite for adults seems to be Da Bird. By waving your arm to seems to fly through the air. You will be surprised how high the cats and kittens can jump. Kittens seem to like anything that moves. Shoe laces, my sneakers while on my feet (ouch), and feather toys. With any interactive toy you do need to watch and not leave alone as there is a choking or stangulation risk.
Oh well, Let the games begin!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wake County Schools and Construction

I am fed up with the school systems here and their lack of thinking. We go to a year-round school in Wake county NC. Actually we are part of Franklin county and just over the border. The kids are in for 9 weeks and out for 3 weeks all year round. In the summer they are out for 5 weeks so at least I can send my child to camp. I need to still get used to this system as it is very hard if you work anywhere but at home. It is also costly as you have to find a safe place to put your child for the time that there is no school. To find a fun, affordable, safe, and nearby place for child placement is no easy task.

Anyway the real reason I am writing is that her elementary school decided to redo the gym building and the area around it. My child is in a trailer room for 4th grade which is right next to the gym. All the 4th and 5th graders are in these trailer type classrooms. UGH. Nightmares of college come back to me. Parking is limited and the kids need to be dropped out in front and walk through the kindergarten hallways and crying children. Then up an outdoor stairway past the longhaired tatoo men to the classrooms. SCARY!

What were the construction workers doing for the 5 weeks of school that it was vacant? Why not start construction end of the school year when less hectic than at the beginning? Why do all the kids run past the construction workers? Are they scary, strange, weird, or worse? Have they had background checks to work near young children? I am not saying all are bad but people need to take precautions and keep children and everyone safe. Walking around orange cones and netting and screaming past tatoo man doesnt seem like the school system is really doing there job.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fluffy the Calico Cat and The Ragdolls

Fluffy was the first cat and she does think she is cool. Once the Ragdoll kittens and cats started arriving she was unhappy. She would pick fights and hiss and run around for no reason.

Fluffy acts brave and tough but is really insecure and unsure of her position in life. She doesnt like strangers and hides. Once she knows you she becomes a very affectionate cat and wants to sit in your lap and get attention. Her personality is more "Ragdoll" than some purebred Ragdolls.
Fluffy is a very toleranat cat and lets kids dress her and hug her hard. She never shows anger toward them. She does talk alot. When you pick her up and move her she lets you know her feelings. She also lets you know when she is hungry by yelling or complaining in cat language quite loud.

Fluffy had a best friend here named Lacey. They were similar in that they tried to rule the house and take charge of the Ragdolls. Fluffy was the leader and Lacey the coleader. They were all noise and no action which is a good thing. Maybe someday we could find a great home for Fluffy where she will be the only cat. She does like dogs and was best buds with April (our Sheltie). We want her to be happy and we do love her. Her friends are gone and we wish she would make new friends. For now she is not top cat and that makes her sad but she has a special place in our home and I know she knows that.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Have All The 35MM Camera Gone?

My daughter decided she wants her own camera and she wants a 35MM camera so that she can have the actual photos put into a book. She wants to do scrapbooking or something similar. I applaud her creativitely. I went to give her my older camera which is about 7 years old and I bought a $10 battery and new film for it. It didnt seem to work. Perhaps it was laying around too long in a dusty drawer. I didnt want to invest or waste my money on another battery so I declared it broken. She doesnt want a one time use camera so now what to do?

I did convince her to use a digital camera and we would print out the photos she wants. I dont have a lot of experience with this but it seems fairly easy. Hopefully the photos wont fade. I only have a basic Lexmark inkjet printer.

Anyway, now I will have to buy a SLR digital for me so that I could give her my older (4 years) old digital camera. I am having a hard time finding the memory card for it and have to mail order it anyway. Why is everything outdated in 3-4 years?

Now I have to win the lottery just to give a kid a camera! I should have been able to pick up a $15 camera at the store but I guess those were the good old days. Seems like it was just 3-5 years ago and not so long ago.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat

There is always much concern when one brings home a new kitten to a household with an existing cat. You hope the introductions go well but worry that your current pet will be upset and feel like their home is being invaded.

It is normal and your sweet cat may hiss and be upset for several weeks. Make the introductions positive and short and sweet and it will work out.

One of the best stories regarding this is from a resident blogger named Lynn.
She traveled 10+ hours via car to bring Megailee Bentley Edmund Spencer to his new home. He is a blue mitted lynx ragdoll kitten and his brother at home in PA is a seal bicolor named Boo. The introductions when smoothly and everything was done right. Bentley had a towel sent from his new home with Boo's scent on it days before his big trip. A towel with Bentley's scent was sent via mail days prior so that Boo could get used to that as well. The personalities of each feline was compatible. Boo is a gentle boy and Bentley is a fun loving sweet kitten who loves companionship. After a short period in his safety room the two met and became the best of buddies and are now inseparable. It is best when you bring a new kitten home to keep him/her in a safety room until everyone gets used to scents and s/he is quarantined for safety reasons. Always let the kitten set the pace and be safe.

Bentley and Boo sleep together, eat together, and play together. They have a very special relationship. Sometimes mom and dad may feel left out but they shouldn't worry. Sometime soon Bentley will snuggle with them as well as his big brother. Bentley is one lucky kitten to be with his wonderful family.

For more on Bentley and to see some really wonderful photos of Ragdoll Kittens see Lynn's Blog on the topic. Welcome Home Bentley.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Kitten Proof Your Home

We at Megailee Ragdolls have placed quite a few kittens over the years. Our main concern is the safety and health of our pets.

Here are a few tips on how to kitten-proof your home for any kitten.

  1. Dryer - make sure kitten is not in it when you start it
  2. Electrical Cords and Outlets - cover/ hide or block them
  3. Hiding Places - chest of drawers - check before you close drawers or closets
  4. Strings and small Toys - off the floor and away as choking hazard
  5. Medications - keep out of reach
  6. Plants - some are poison to your pet
  7. Windows - are the screens secure?
  8. Toilet Lid - keep down to prevent drowning
  9. Watch where you Step - some kittens like to follow you and be underfoot
  10. Toys- Interactive toys are meant to be played together and anything with a string or rope can be a hazard.
There are probably other hazards unique to you and/or your home situation or look around on your knees and try to eliminate them prior to the arrival or your new kitten.

Now that you are safe you can all look forward to many happy years together.

My Ragdoll Kitten Family

My Ragdoll Kitten Family
Megailee Ragdolls