My Ragdoll Family

My Ragdoll Family
Megailee Ragdolls

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Scoop on Cat Poop

The photo on the left is of two ragdoll kittens training for using the litterbox here at Megailee Ragdolls.

I am going to give you the scoop on poop. To be specific diarrhea. I am not a vet and when there is an issue you should consult a professional. I read a lot about the issue and in 90% of the time it does resolve within 48 hours.
For new pet owners it is sometimes a major concern.

Yellow or Greenish stool - fast transit within the system
Black - indicated bleeding in the upper digestive tract
Bloody - lower bowel (colon) bleeding
Pasty or light colored stool - lack of bile
Grey large rancid smelling stool - indicates inadequate digestion

Soft Bulky stool - overfed or poor quality food high in fiber
Watery stool - bowel wall irritation with rapid transit and impaired absorption
Foamy stool - bacterial infection perhaps
Greasy stool - malabsorption syndrome

The concern is usually dehydration. In kittens this is critical but always a concern with any pet or person.

I have found the Iams Hairball dry food helps bind the stools.
Again, when in doubt a vet visit is suggested.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are Ragdolls Kittens Really Quiet?

Is it true that Ragdolls are a quiet breed? We all know Siamese are very vocal. But a kitten that is nonverbal or perhaps squeaks is far fetched isn't it?
Most of my ragdoll cats and kittens are very quiet. They do communicate though. They have a chirp or perhaps a squeak sound when they want to "talk" to each other or us humans. It is so cute to hear. There are different vocalizations when they are happy vs lonely vs in pain. The mother cats calls to her young as well in a sweet purr/chirp sound. Generally speaking they are a quiet breed but there are exceptions.
Lucy who is a seal colorpoint ragdoll is very vocal a lot of time and can be loud. Her son pictured here who is a seal mitted lynx kitten appears to be singing for his supper. Cute ragdoll kitten who can really belt out a tune. Perhaps it runs in lines or maybe they just learn from their mom. Lucy's mom Lacey also was very vocal.
Either way - vocal or not we can communicate ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adopting an Adult Cat

Recently we retired and adopted out our lovely Janessa.
She just turned 3 years old last week and was adopted a few days after her birthday. She was a wonderful mom of her one and only litter and we at Megailee Ragdolls felt she would be happier in a household with only one cat or even alone. If I had a larger home I would definitely have kept our first CFA champion and home bred girl. She is so sweet and gentle with the deepest blue eyes. Her mom is Cerafina and the two look nothing alike. She does have her mom's eyes though.

A client who adopted a kitten a year ago contacted me about Janessa and we thought it would be a great home for her. I heard back a few days ago that all was well and today I received an email that Janessa is getting along with her new buddy (a 1 year old cat) and sleeping with them on the bed at night. She appears to be quite happy. That makes me feel so relieved that it was a good decision. The goal after all is the happiness of the cats (especially one's you have know since birth). With adults they sometimes may take a while to adjust to their new home as well as the resident cat. In this case it only took 3 days.

We love you Janessa! You brought us great joy and will continue to bring your new family happiness.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mink Ragdoll Kittens / Cats - What's it all about?

Being on several Ragdoll forums and discussion groups I hear the question come up a few times as to what is a mink ragdoll. At Megailee Ragdolls in NC we specialize in the traditional colors and do not have minks so I did a little research.

I googled Mink Ragdolls and several photos came up and I randomly choose the one on the left. The coloring and distinction between the points and contrast is less. They are born with color vs the traditional ragdolls are born white. Their eyes are aqua.

For a mink there is the presence of the sepia gene of the Burmese breed and that replaces one of the Ragdoll's two pointed genes. This is what makes the coat and points darker. Minks are considered an unaccepted variant and as such can not be shown.

Mink or the word has nothing to do with a Mink coat and apparently some breeders charge quite a bit more for them. Maybe the word mink just sounds rich.? They really are not rare and you can find them with little effort. A lot of breeders choose not to deal with them due the factors mentioned above.

If you like minks and want one then do your homework on them and the breeder and enjoy. A ragdoll should be close to standard regardless of coloration. For me I will stay with the colors of blue and seal and all patterns of mitted, bicolor, and colorpoint and lynx of course.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Does Nursing End?

This is Lucy and her litter of 5 Ragdoll kittens. In this photo they are 11 weeks old and almost attacked her to nurse. They started weaning onto solid food at around 4-6 weeks of age and by week 8 were fully weaned. They also were litterbox trained by week 5 and scratch post trained as well.

They still will nurse when given the opportunity. In fact if their mom is not around they will suck on another adult (even a male) or a fellow kitten.
When is enough ?

It is a comfort thing for the kittens but is it so for the giver? When it was happening to my older male cat Kingstone he was ok with it but after a while he was not too happy. I would imagine getting all wet and having younger kittens tackle you down cant be too fun. In time they will outgrow this behavior.

There is a time in all our lives when we just have to move on and out of our comfort zone.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vaccine Time for the Ragdoll Kittens

Tomorrow (Monday) is vaccine time for the Cerafina ragdoll kittens. I really don't like needles and dislike having to be around a kitten or cat getting a vaccine. It is a necessary evil I guess. I would cringe when even my own child got a shot. The first time my child got a vaccine they told her it would only sting like a bee. The look of innocence was dashed when tears when streaming down her face. It hurt and they lied and she trusted the doctor. I don't think she ever forgot her first shot and that was years ago.
Anyway, the sweet lovable ragdoll kittens will get their first vaccines. Some don't seem to care and others protest at being held still. Some even give out a shout as it is happening. There are no tears. I don't tell them it will only sting like a bee but instead I hug each one and say it is ok. Within minutes they are running about and playing like nothing happened.
This is a good life lesson if only we could all learn. Try to accept a situation and move on. Always hope for the best and make the best of a situation.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cat Myths

Here are some cat myths:

1. Cats have nine lives - sometimes they just get lucky and are quite agile
2. Cats need to drink milk - after weaning age it is a no no unless you want diarrhea
3. Cats eat plants if sick - just not true
4. Cats purr whenever they are happy - true but they also purr if scared or injured. It seems to be a comfort sort of thing. They also purr when giving birth and when nursing.
5. Cats are dangerous around babies - I believe the opposite is true but I wouldn't leave the two alone.
6. Cats don't hunt if well fed - not true as hunting is an instinct. Whether they kill or not is another story. Sometimes it is accidental and they play with their food. Another time they may bring you a gift.
7. Cats can be kept from using their claws - scratching is an instinct and one way to leave their scents. Redirect the action unto acceptable places like scratch posts.
8. Cat fur causes allergies - it is the proteins in skin secretions and saliva known as dander that is the cause. Some people react more to certain breeds of cats than others.
9. Black cats are bad luck - well not all black cats. Of course if I walked under a ladder then saw a black cat cross my path on Friday the 13th I would probably go home and back to bed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dolly Finally Delivers a Ragdoll Kitten(s)

Our Dolly was 3 days late in delivery and I was getting a bit concerned. It is always possible to miscalculate but generally she is a 65 day gestation. She seemed needy yesterday so all day I sat and read to her and kept her company. Finally at 4 a.m. she delivered a kitten. He or she was breech but came out ok and is happy and nursing. It is now about 9 a.m. and no other kittens have been delivered. Hmm. one this time?? Too bad as I have a waiting list with 3 people on it already all waiting for lynx kittens. Important thing is that he/ she is healthy and has a fantastic life. We love you Dolly!

I am so so so tired today.

Update - I was out of the house for only an hour between 2-3 and when I came home and checked on Dolly there was now 2 kittens! Ten hours later but both are nursery and looking well. The first 48 hours are most critical and then the first 2 weeks.

Way to go Dolly!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kittens in the Fireplace - Oh NO

Sorry there are no photos today. My PC with all my photos and paperwork has a virus.
Whenever I turn it on is freezes within 5 minutes. I never had this and am not totally sure who to call and trust. It is a desktop PC so they would have to come over here to fix. Anyway I am on a laptop so decided to post. This laptop will drive me crazy as it is a different operating system and the software is version 2003 vs 2007 plus there is no num pad. A person who likes math needs a number pad.

The other day we had someone come over to see some of the adults. The minute they rang the bell the one brave or not so brave kitten decided to explore the fireplace. I have a mesh screen in front but she managed to part the screen where the two sides merge and was inside. I havent used the fireplace due to the cats in about 4 years so it was fairly clean. Anyway the girl now has a dark round spot on the top of her head. Non-traditional Ragdoll kitten markings for a seal mitted ;) I have since made sure that no kitten will get through again as I dont want to start a new breed of Ragdoll (spotted). But then again it would be rare and probably in demand. For now I want to specialize in traditional colors and patterns.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vet Cost for Spay/ Neuter - Need to Shop Around

All pets leaving here to go to their adopted homes as pets are spayed (if a female) or neutered (if a male) by Megailee Ragdolls cattery. It is one less think to worry about for a new "parent".
The thing I have found is a major variation in price for similar services and the need to shop around. There are about 4 vet offices within a 45 min drive from here. The closest one is the most expensive and never seems to be able to fit me in when there is an emergency. For example I was once quoted a price of $350 for a spay. This included an overnight stay and meds. Whether I wanted it or not was not an option. Other prices varied from $125 - $250. Males are a bit cheaper and some offices charge the same for female or male. Other than the above place I am always able to get a very sick cat or kitten in the same day. Fortunately I do not need this service often.
My point is to compare prices of types of procedures and judge quality and service of the vet office. I use different places for different things.
When adopting a pet make sure you ask whether the spay/neuter is completed prior to adoption. Sometimes what seems like a cheaper price for a pet may end up costing more. I remember the lady who complained after the fact that her bargin $600 ragdoll kitten cost $850 after her spay.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Visitors to See Ragdoll Kittens Today

Today I had visitors to decide on a ragdoll kitten. Last week I also had a family visit to decide on a kitten from Lucy's litter. It was great fun and they choose a wonderful boy. He was the only boy in the kitten.
Today the people were looking at a blue bicolor from Cerafina and made their choice. The kittens had a blast playing feather toy chase games. They also played with the Lucy's kittens and it was a hard decision as she really wanted one from each.

Lucy's litter (the seal mitted clan) have run of the house now and I can hear racing up and down the hardwood floors half the day. It is so fun to watch them. The floor is a bit slippery.

Cerafina's kittens (the blue clan) now have the kitten nursery room and are enjoying their new found space and new toys.

Most are cat napping now as all had a hard day of socialization.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cat Bed From a Suitcase - Craft Project

I saw this cat bed project on a ragdoll forum of which I am a member.

This website looks very interesting and can be fun for a handy person.

Here is the link to the pet bed suitcase project. Good for cats or dogs.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kittens Bust Out of The Nursery and Have Run of the House

The kittens have received their first set of vaccines and so now can leave the nursery and have run of the house. For weeks whenever we open the door they make a mad dash out and I have to place them back in. The big girl and the boy are the first ones to attempt to break out and obtain their much desired freedom.
Yesterday the door was wide open and they were finally free to explore the living room and the kitten with new and exciting smells and sounds. Guess what- 90% of the time they are hanging either in their room and right in front of it. I know that in a day or so they will be running all around and having fun.
I guess this proves the grass is greener on the other side.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free Cat Litter for A Survey

If you fill out this survey you receive free cat litter.
I believe this applies only to the USA.

Good Luck from the cat and kitten crew at Megailee Ragdolls

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feather Toys and Kitten Play

Ever wonder why it is that you bring out a feather toy and the cats and kittens go wild? It could be the trill of the chase. The desire to be the best in the litter and catch it first. The joy of running and chasing for no reason. Sorta like when you were 5 and ran in the grass going nowhere but enjoying just running. Maybe it is instinct and part of the survival of the fittest.
I remember when I brought out a feather/ball toy to 5 week old kittens. They hid and were so scared. But the 8 week old kittens love it. The favorite for adults seems to be Da Bird. By waving your arm to seems to fly through the air. You will be surprised how high the cats and kittens can jump. Kittens seem to like anything that moves. Shoe laces, my sneakers while on my feet (ouch), and feather toys. With any interactive toy you do need to watch and not leave alone as there is a choking or stangulation risk.
Oh well, Let the games begin!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wake County Schools and Construction

I am fed up with the school systems here and their lack of thinking. We go to a year-round school in Wake county NC. Actually we are part of Franklin county and just over the border. The kids are in for 9 weeks and out for 3 weeks all year round. In the summer they are out for 5 weeks so at least I can send my child to camp. I need to still get used to this system as it is very hard if you work anywhere but at home. It is also costly as you have to find a safe place to put your child for the time that there is no school. To find a fun, affordable, safe, and nearby place for child placement is no easy task.

Anyway the real reason I am writing is that her elementary school decided to redo the gym building and the area around it. My child is in a trailer room for 4th grade which is right next to the gym. All the 4th and 5th graders are in these trailer type classrooms. UGH. Nightmares of college come back to me. Parking is limited and the kids need to be dropped out in front and walk through the kindergarten hallways and crying children. Then up an outdoor stairway past the longhaired tatoo men to the classrooms. SCARY!

What were the construction workers doing for the 5 weeks of school that it was vacant? Why not start construction end of the school year when less hectic than at the beginning? Why do all the kids run past the construction workers? Are they scary, strange, weird, or worse? Have they had background checks to work near young children? I am not saying all are bad but people need to take precautions and keep children and everyone safe. Walking around orange cones and netting and screaming past tatoo man doesnt seem like the school system is really doing there job.

My Ragdoll Kitten Family

My Ragdoll Kitten Family
Megailee Ragdolls