My Ragdoll Family

My Ragdoll Family
Megailee Ragdolls

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fluffy The Calico Cat Bookmarks For Sale

Check out this website by a young person that sells cat bookmarks.  She is using 90% to fund Vet School (assuming she doesn't change her mind in high school) and 10% of profits to go to cat shelter.  Even if not vet school it will be for college. She hopes to cure FIP and HCM !!!   I do believe with her creativity and ambition she will.

Fluffy is her rescue cat that she adopted at 6 weeks of age.  She is now 6 years of age and her best friend. They share a bedroom and a bed and watch tv and play video games together.  Fluffy gets dressed in all outfits and hugged and though she talks and whines she never shows anger and is the most tolerant cat.  Fluffy shares her home with some Ragdoll cats but she thinks she is the ruler of the house.  She is a beautiful and very smart cat and we are lucky she is a member of our household.

Fluffy The Calico Cat is the best.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Retired Ragdoll Breeder Available For Adoption

It is always hard when one retires a breeder to make sure they get placed in the perfect home.  I wish I could keep all of them but I know they would have a better or more peaceful life with that perfect family.
No other cats with hormones to deal with.

Cerafina is almost 6 years of age and a blue bicolor female with fantastic deep blue eyes.  She was an excellent protective mother to several litters and now she is retired.  She deserves to be pampered and the Queen of the house.  She has already been spayed and received all her vaccines including rabies.  She is DNA HCM negative.

Her ideal home would  have no young children and perhaps one other pet or no pet.  She likes attention but also likes her independence.  She is medium in size and has short/medium length hair. She likes playing with her toys and sometimes can act like a kitten.  She prefers a nice view on a perch and to clean herself while enjoying her view.  She would make a good pet to the right family.

Her adoption fee covers her spay and medical expenses.  Please email me at and tell me a bit about yourself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mink Ragdoll Kittens Available

To the left is a mink ragdoll kitten born and rasied in my home. His coat is one of the most plush in a kitten that I have seen. He is a sweet boy with very expressive eyes. He should be available to be adopted in the next 2 weeks to his forever home.

Are minks better than traditional?

I love the traditional colors and patterns. Flames and torties are not on my list of favorites though. Seal and blues in bicolor, mitted, and colorpoint. I do adore lynx and my Maxwell is a blue mitted lynx. It is rare for me to produce a colorpoint so they are high on my list of favorites.

I think of each kitten as an individual as they do have their own personality. Socialization and environment plays into it as well. The goal at Megailee ragdolls is to strive for health and well adjusted happy kittens. When they leave here they are happy and how they acclimate in their new home with new parents and pets is up to the new parent. I have had kittens get used to a resident cat within a day but I have heard stories of others that can take weeks. As usual the kitten/cat calls the shots.

Mink ragdolls really are a color/pattern option for those who want this. The point contrast is less than in the traditional and the eye color is more of a blue/green color. The coat is thick and plush (at least from what I have produced). Within the breed there is a variance as to texture and length.

The blue bicolor mink kitten is cute and expressive and fun to watch. His sister looks almost identical to him but is shy. Next week they move to the main part of the house so that they get used to all household sounds and hopefully snuggle up with me to watch tv at night.

I love them all and am very fortunate to have them in my life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mink Ragdoll Kitten

Megailee Lizette welcomed 2 kittens last week into the world. She is a first time mom and is doing a wonderful job. Very attentive and loving to her ragdoll kittens.

We were so excited to welcome our first Mink ragdoll kitten. This is a big kitten and almost double the size of our other mitted ragdoll kitten born minutes later. The kittens in the photo are only 1 week of age so they can not see or hear at this point. Gender and color pattern is a bit hard to tell also. One knows a Mink due to the fact they are born with color and traditional ragdolls are born white.

First glance the Mink ragdoll looks like a boy and appears to be a seal colorpoint. He will be HUGE. The traditional ragdoll appears to be a girl and a seal or perhaps blue mitted kitten. Within the next week or two I will be more certain.

For now we are enjoying these adorable kittens and just watching them grow and learn.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Air Travel with a Ragdoll Kitten

Traveling or shipping a kitten via cargo is my least favorite mode of transportation. I hardly use this method and would rather meet the new ragdoll kitten parents at the airport. Sometimes it is the only way given the individual situation.

There was this wonderful couple in TX who wanted to adopt Megailee Thor who is a blue bicolor lynx male. He is a handsome big boy with loads of personality. After much discussion I did decide to ship him via cargo.

The fact that is is summer and HOT here in NC limits the number of airlines that will even ship pets. RDU which is my nearest airport also has very few direct flights. This is a problem as I need to have the shortest time in travel plus at the coolest time of day. After many phone calls to the pet cargo people we decided on a 6:20 a.m. flight with a short change-over and onward to the final destination.

Ok; so for a 6:20 flight we need to get there are 4:30 as that is when cargo opens at RDU. That means I leave my home at 3:45 am and get up at 3:00 am. UGH UGH Thunderstorms were a threat and that makes me nervous. Also I forgot that I really dont drive or see that well at night. I begged my sister who lives nearby to drive me and she actually said yes. Then I had to get my daugher up and loaded into the car near the ragdoll kitten. She needs to get to camp later in the day. Everyone was in the car grumpy and Thor the blue bicolor lynx kitten was singing (or should I say crying ) the whole one hour trip.

We arrived at cargo and Thor was quiet. The lady behind the counter shouted out to me "you're late" and "we dont have to take you." It was 4;50 vs 4:30 for a 6:20 am flight so I told her I believed I am within the time limit. "Ok, since it is not international we will take you". She is mean and nasty and I had her about 8 months ago and she almost didnt take my health certificate because she couldnt read the date. I offered her a donut and she was calmer at the time. A nicer more humane man did the paperwork today and we cuddled Thor until they took him out to the plane.

I know he is safe at his arrival as I just heard from his new parents. This makes me so happy.

I am very tired and my daughter was like a zoombie with exhaustion when I dropped her off at camp. I owe my sister a dinner (which I will buy since I dont cook). We were a great team and all is well that ends well.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue Bicolor Lynx Kitten Hurt His Paw

One morning I entered the kitten nursery and one kitten was holding his paw limply up in the air and running on the other three paws. He seemed sad that he could not keep up with the other kittens and since he was only 6 weeks old he wanted to play.

I never experienced this before and am unsure exactly how it happened. The main think is I want to make sure he was healthy and happy.

I took him to the vet and he said that he popped his wrist out of the socket. He put it in and wrapped up his whole leg. The boy was so brave and never cried except on the way home and so he was named Hercules.

Tomorrow we go back to the vet and hopefully they will remove the bandage and he will be 100%.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lynx Ragdoll Kittens

Dolly's kittens just turned 3 weeks of age and are starting to look like kittens. Now they will start to move around the room more. Dolly is a seal mitted lynx cat and she keeps a careful eye on her 3 kittens.

Looks like all are males and there is a seal mitted lynx, a blue mitted, lynx, and a blue mitted ragdoll. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to tell whether lynx or not. Sometimes it can take a while to tell whether they are blue or seal. Ragdolls are all born white and their colors come out as they age. It can take 3+ years for a ragdoll to fully mature. The nose pad color develops by day 5 and the lynx pattern around 2-3 weeks of age.

Dolly has 3 kittens in this litter so I most likely will retire her after they are weaned. Kitten one and kitten two came 5 hours apart and kitten 3 was born about 26 hours later. Dolly is a sweet cat and loves to be petted and have attention so she will make a great pet to someone. If I had a bigger house I would keep her. Unfortunately there are space limitations. She deserves to be pampered and be an only cat so she can get all the attention that she deserves.

Right now Dolly and Maxwell are proud of their kittens and Dolly is being a wonderful attention mom. For some more info on the parent cats or photo of the kittens please visit my website Megailee Ragdolls.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ragdoll Kittens- Kitten Play or Kitten/ cat Fight?

The photo on the left is from my latest litter of seven at Megailee Ragdolls.
They are all bicolor with 3 seal and 4 blue. Four are boys. All cute and nicely marked. Of course all Ragdolls are cute regardless of markings and color.

These two kittens pictured are now seven weeks of age. One is a seal bicolor and female and the other is a blue bicolor and male.

Sometimes I find it hard to tell if they are playing or fighting. Kittens sure can play rough. Wrestling moves are amazing to watch. I do think that they are attempting to determine rank in the litter as they would in any pack. At this age they are interested in playing for the fun of it as well as seeing just who is the best at running, pouncing, or climbing. Sometimes you hear one cry out and want to intervene. The next moment they are grooming each other. They are learning what hurts and just how rough they can be. They also enjoy each other's company. Ragdolls are very social. They like other pets and all people. They will follow you from room to room and just want to be with you. Not all are lap cats. Some are and some evolve into it. Personality, environment, and daily interactions all part a part. Early socialization is important but lessons from life are more so.

Anyway time to visit the kittens again. The two that were fighting and/or playing the hardest and now happily napping side by side.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Megailee Ragdoll Kittens - Weaning Time

The litter of 7 kittens are now 4 weeks of age. If you count the heads you will count seven. All in this litter are bicolor as both parents are bicolor. We have blues and seals. I have a larger fleece bed but they seem to enjoy getting cozy in the smaller bed.
As long as they are warm and happy then I am happy.

A lot is happening at this age. They need to learn to eat solids and give their mom a break. Litterbox training is also happening at this time. I also have accessibility to scratch posts to get them training.

When solid food is introduced some take to it and others will lag behind. When ever food is introduced there is also the chance of tummy upsets and diarrhea as well. The slow introduction of solids is often a 2-3 week process but the goal is to be fully weaned by 8 weeks of age. I have known 4 month old kittens to continue to nurse if the opportunity is presented.

Litter box training is part nature, nurture, and training. Clay litter is used just in case they should swallow it so that they do not choke. So far there is good training going on and they are watching their mom and have a desire to learn and be clean. When they are adopted at about 11/12 weeks of age they are used to clay and clumping litter in both covered and uncovered boxes.

They are staring at the scratch post so I think it may take a few days until they climb it and use it. I put both vertical and horizontal posts around. They enjoy the vertical ones with the toy on top as it becomes a ragdoll kitten contest to see who reaches the top first. The winner gets the best view and a hug from me. Actually they all gets hugs and kisses.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How Do We Place Ragdoll Kittens with Future Families?

On the left is a photo of a litter of newborn Ragdoll kittens. We are so happy when a baby is placed in a loving home and kitten and everyone does well. Some people prefer a certain color / pattern/ gender.
Personality and socialization is also important and each ragdoll does have their own personality but overall all are loving.

Did you ever wonder how we decide if the kitten is right for you or how does the family decide if that is the kitten for them ?

Megailee Ragdolls tries to match the personality of the kitten with the home situation.

For example:

Oliver/ Olivia was an only kitten in a litter and so I knew she would not be happy in a household with several pets and several kids or a lot of change. She needed routine. She just wasn't used to that and needed attention and quiet time. She is an active playful kitten but her upbringing was a bit different than some others. Some old posts on my blog talk about her bottle feeding days. There were a few good families that could have adopted her. She ended up placed as an only pet with a local adoptive parent who has a lot of time at home for her.

Sparky: He was one of 5 in a litter and super active. He was ok if you picked him up but preferred to play and jump on his brothers and sisters. He would wake them up to play!
He went to live with 3 active young boys and a dog and a parrot.

When placing a kitten in a household with a resident cat I try to match personalities. I place one who is curious and playful but not dominant so that he/she doesn't make the existing cat feel out of place. We hope to have the personalities compliment each other and not be a threat to each other. The goal is to be buddies for life.

Janessa was placed as an adult at age 3 into a family with an existing male who was about 1 year of age. Here her favorite activities were sleeping and eating. She was beautiful to look at and a super sweet girl. Her new family is thrilled with her. She plays with the boy all the time and he just sits and watches her sleep and waits patiently for her to wake up so she could play. They are also home alone during the day to keep each other company.

Sometimes a couple / family/ person will visit here if undecided and pick a kitten. Some base it on who runs up to them first. Some people like the biggest kitten in the litter. Others judge it on who will let them hold them the longest. Several criteria for a one hour visit. Of course if you visit during nap time vs feeding time the story may be different. Sometimes you need to go on gut feeling and at other times the breeder who spends more time with them should know the personalities better.

As with all living things it is nature, nurture, and environment that determines and shapes the personality and behavior of your Ragdoll Kitten.

My Ragdoll Kitten Family

My Ragdoll Kitten Family
Megailee Ragdolls