My Ragdoll Family

My Ragdoll Family
Megailee Ragdolls

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zooey - Blue Mitted Ragdoll Kitten

Pictured above is Zooey who is a blue mitted Ragdoll kitten living in AL with her adoptive mom Katie. Zooey's parents are Cerafina and Maxwell.

The photo on the left was taken recently and the one on the right is on her trip home when she was about 3 months of age. That was the first photo Katie took of Zooey and was at a gas station on the way home from my house.

Katie has stayed in touch with me and I enjoy receiving updates on Zooey. I though others may enjoy the photos and to hear how things are going in one Ragdoll household.

Zooey is nicknamed "golden cat" by my family and friends because she is just that perfect! Literally, she has been more than I could have ever asked for from the moment I picked her up 6 months ago. She adjusted well to her new life here with me. She greets me at the door every time I come home, sits in the other chair at the table while I eat meals, and sleeps in my bed each night. Her favorite toys include her fish, fluff balls, and straws. We play fetch with the fish and fluff balls and she'll bat around the straws for hours. Really, Gail, I could not ask for a better companion. Being a young professional living on my own it is so nice to have Zooey here with me. I have no idea what I did before her.

Thanks again! I don't think I could ever thank you enough! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oliver is Olivia !!!!??!!!!

I took Oliver the blue bicolor ragdoll kitten to the vet today to get neutered as a prospective parent is set to adopt him next week. Well at 11:00 the phone is ringing and my heart is racing as it is the vet. Did you bring the right kitten they asked? I only have one I replied in terror. Well we are pretty sure Oliver is a GIRL!

I was so Embarrassed. How could I make this mistake. The last time I looked was at 2-3 weeks of age and the kitten was only concerned with getting bottle fed at that time. Getting up every 2 hours round the clock also didn't help my disposition. And since there was only 1 kitten in the litter I didn't need to differentiate them. Once we named the kitten Oliver (like the movie) it seemed to fit. I guess it is possible I was wrong.

On the positive side: Olivia get a clean bill of health from the vet and I had to beat the vet techs away as they all wanted to pet and hold the kitten. She was purring all the time.

I just heard from the new parent and she is glad to be able to adopt her ragdoll kitten regardless of gender. If fact, she had a wonderful sense of humor about it. Now I am sure Oliver/ Olivia or whatever her new name will be will be well loved and get the attention she deserves.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Questions To Ask When Adopting a Ragdoll Kitten

This adorable kitten on the left is a blue mitted ragdoll kitten from a past litter at Megailee Ragdolls. He is one example of the color/pattern of ragdoll that is available.

When you have have located a kitten and you are deciding if he/she is the one for you there are several questions I would ask the breeder.
You may email and/or call the breeder. I always prefer to deal with someone who is responsive to me in a timely manner. Good customer service before as well as after the adoption is important.

Bear in mind the questions and concerns below are for general discussion and add more if there are special issues to you.

The areas of concern for me is the following:

1. Size of cattery - some prefer a small cattery so that disease or illness is more manageable and kittens are able to get more attention. A large cattery can still be managed well but a lot depends on the breeder and space requirements. When I see a website with 20 kittens for adoption at the same time and 4 kings and 10 queens I move on.

2. Has the Sire and Dam (parents of the kitten) been DNA HCM tested?
Test result should be negative for both. Not a 100% guarantee but a very good one that there should not be heart disease down the road.

3. Socialization of the kitten - who interacts with them and when and how often.
Kittens should be sent home close to 12 weeks of age.

4. Is the kitten spayed or neutered prior to adoption? Most do this but not everyone. Sometimes it depends on vet practice or location. A lower price may not be a bargain if you pay $150-$250 for the operation. Vet prices vary greatly as well so shop around.

5. Ask if the kittens have URI (colds) or diarrhea or any illness prior to adoption. Not necessarily a reason to reject a kitten but could be a sign of other things. A breeder should not adopt out a kitten when ill as adoption creates stress and could make a situation worse.

6. Best to visit kitten and cattery but not always possible. If there, look at the kitten for signs of runny eyes, coat texture, body weight, playfulness, etc. Does the cattery smell, is it clean, etc.

7. Where are the kittens raised?
I keep the kittens in a separate nursery with their mom until the first set of vaccines and then they have run of the house.

8. Is the cattery TICA and/or CFA registered? Is the breeder a member of RFCI?
Not always a guarantee that they are good but would increase my confidence.

9. Beware of Fancy websites. Fancy doesn't mean better or healthier.

10. Ask for references.

11. Do they show their cats in cat shows (TICA, CFA, etc).
At least you know they are trying to maintain the standard.

12. Go with gut feeling. Sometimes nearest is not best. Try not to let emotion get the best of you. This is hard when one is so so cute!

13. Questions and concerns are a bit different for an adult cat but that is another post.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wally - Blue Mitted Lynx Ragdoll Kitten

Some of the happiest emails I receive are from people who have adopted kittens from me in the past. It is exciting to see what they look like as older kittens and young adults. I enjoy reading about them and it is a great satisfaction to know I was involved in bringing joy and happiness to someone.

The following is from Erin in MI who adopted Wally. This handsome boy is a blue Mitted lynx male and is currently 8 months of age.

I wanted to send you an update on Walter aka...Wally, Wall, Wallball, Wallman.

Wally has been an absolute joy. I really don't know how to express in words the happiness he has brought to my home.

Wall is quite the character let me tell you... he is hilarious! He is everything I have read about Ragdolls and more.

He tries to help me with whatever I may be doing at the moment.......and I mean everything... He "helps" (so I tell him) change my sheets, put away clothes, cook, even tries to help me walk sometimes. He is also sitting at the door when I come home!

He has a love for Q-tips... which he knocks over my trash to get them!! Even pays enough attention to notice when I put one in the trash. Need to start covering the trash I guess.

He has been great with his scratch posts! I was shocked at how natural it seemed to him.

Wally also has a cousin who is a 100+lb Rottweiler named Kane. Wally just lays on his back and lets Kane kiss, sniff, and lick him.

He loves, loves people and I must say he has quite the personality :) He likes to test me....... for example he has 3 different scratching posts around the house, but yet when he wants attention he "fake" scratches the couches... it's like he knows that I will stop what I am doing to correct him. Once I notice him... he gives me this funny look and runs to his scratch post... such a silly man.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ragdoll Kitten Megailee Oliver Looking For a Forever Home

Oliver is doing great and really growing up fast.
He is now almost 9 weeks of age. His marking are very nice and he is a sweet boy. He looks you right in the face and makes me laugh.
He got all dressed up with a tie for his ragdoll kitten photo. He looked so cute I had to put in the photo and write a bit about my favorite boy.
As a baby from 2 weeks of age until about 6 weeks he was bottle fed as his mom Dolly did not have enough milk. You could never tell by looking at him. My older posts have photos and the story of Baby Oliver.
In a few days Oliver will get out of the kitten nursery and have free roam of the whole house.
Not a very big house but big for him. I hope he and Tiger Lily (my blue mitted lynx girl kitten) will get along. We were debating about placing her as a pet or keeping her for a while to decide if she could be a breeder for Megailee Ragdolls. She is 2 months older than Oliver but a sweet girl so I think they will be friends.
Oliver is hoping to be adopted by a loving family who can give him tons of attention all the time.
He prefers not to be shipped via cargo and would rather travel with his new adopted family so that they can cuddle. He knows the perfect fit will come along and so for now he is learning, growing, and playing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kingstone Wants a Date - Ragdoll Mating

Megailee Kingstone is a 1 year old seal bicolor male. He is a very loving boy and has free roam of the house. Fortunately he does not spray. He gets along with everyone.

Maxwell who is my blue mitted lynx male and main stud get along with each other. I dont think they consider the other competition.

Kingstone is starting to get a bit restless and I think he wants another date with a female ragdoll lady. In the photo to the left he put on a tie to try to attract the girls. His stunning good looks and personality should be enough to get the girls. Anyway, he has dated Lucy and produced a litter and he has courted Cerafina. Dolly is his mother and she is in love with Maxwell.

In the next year Maxwell has an appointment with Cerafina so I dont think Kingstone will have a lot of social activity. I have to either place him as a pet in a loving home or as a breeder in a small loving cattery. Being a small cattery I really limit the amount of cats and think for me that one male and 3 females (maximum) is good for my household. I need the space for all of them (including kittens) and want to be able to socialize all well.

Bottom line- I want Kingstone to be happy.

My Ragdoll Kitten Family

My Ragdoll Kitten Family
Megailee Ragdolls