My Ragdoll Family

My Ragdoll Family
Megailee Ragdolls

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fluffy the Calico Cat and The Ragdolls

Fluffy was the first cat and she does think she is cool. Once the Ragdoll kittens and cats started arriving she was unhappy. She would pick fights and hiss and run around for no reason.

Fluffy acts brave and tough but is really insecure and unsure of her position in life. She doesnt like strangers and hides. Once she knows you she becomes a very affectionate cat and wants to sit in your lap and get attention. Her personality is more "Ragdoll" than some purebred Ragdolls.
Fluffy is a very toleranat cat and lets kids dress her and hug her hard. She never shows anger toward them. She does talk alot. When you pick her up and move her she lets you know her feelings. She also lets you know when she is hungry by yelling or complaining in cat language quite loud.

Fluffy had a best friend here named Lacey. They were similar in that they tried to rule the house and take charge of the Ragdolls. Fluffy was the leader and Lacey the coleader. They were all noise and no action which is a good thing. Maybe someday we could find a great home for Fluffy where she will be the only cat. She does like dogs and was best buds with April (our Sheltie). We want her to be happy and we do love her. Her friends are gone and we wish she would make new friends. For now she is not top cat and that makes her sad but she has a special place in our home and I know she knows that.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Have All The 35MM Camera Gone?

My daughter decided she wants her own camera and she wants a 35MM camera so that she can have the actual photos put into a book. She wants to do scrapbooking or something similar. I applaud her creativitely. I went to give her my older camera which is about 7 years old and I bought a $10 battery and new film for it. It didnt seem to work. Perhaps it was laying around too long in a dusty drawer. I didnt want to invest or waste my money on another battery so I declared it broken. She doesnt want a one time use camera so now what to do?

I did convince her to use a digital camera and we would print out the photos she wants. I dont have a lot of experience with this but it seems fairly easy. Hopefully the photos wont fade. I only have a basic Lexmark inkjet printer.

Anyway, now I will have to buy a SLR digital for me so that I could give her my older (4 years) old digital camera. I am having a hard time finding the memory card for it and have to mail order it anyway. Why is everything outdated in 3-4 years?

Now I have to win the lottery just to give a kid a camera! I should have been able to pick up a $15 camera at the store but I guess those were the good old days. Seems like it was just 3-5 years ago and not so long ago.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat

There is always much concern when one brings home a new kitten to a household with an existing cat. You hope the introductions go well but worry that your current pet will be upset and feel like their home is being invaded.

It is normal and your sweet cat may hiss and be upset for several weeks. Make the introductions positive and short and sweet and it will work out.

One of the best stories regarding this is from a resident blogger named Lynn.
She traveled 10+ hours via car to bring Megailee Bentley Edmund Spencer to his new home. He is a blue mitted lynx ragdoll kitten and his brother at home in PA is a seal bicolor named Boo. The introductions when smoothly and everything was done right. Bentley had a towel sent from his new home with Boo's scent on it days before his big trip. A towel with Bentley's scent was sent via mail days prior so that Boo could get used to that as well. The personalities of each feline was compatible. Boo is a gentle boy and Bentley is a fun loving sweet kitten who loves companionship. After a short period in his safety room the two met and became the best of buddies and are now inseparable. It is best when you bring a new kitten home to keep him/her in a safety room until everyone gets used to scents and s/he is quarantined for safety reasons. Always let the kitten set the pace and be safe.

Bentley and Boo sleep together, eat together, and play together. They have a very special relationship. Sometimes mom and dad may feel left out but they shouldn't worry. Sometime soon Bentley will snuggle with them as well as his big brother. Bentley is one lucky kitten to be with his wonderful family.

For more on Bentley and to see some really wonderful photos of Ragdoll Kittens see Lynn's Blog on the topic. Welcome Home Bentley.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Kitten Proof Your Home

We at Megailee Ragdolls have placed quite a few kittens over the years. Our main concern is the safety and health of our pets.

Here are a few tips on how to kitten-proof your home for any kitten.

  1. Dryer - make sure kitten is not in it when you start it
  2. Electrical Cords and Outlets - cover/ hide or block them
  3. Hiding Places - chest of drawers - check before you close drawers or closets
  4. Strings and small Toys - off the floor and away as choking hazard
  5. Medications - keep out of reach
  6. Plants - some are poison to your pet
  7. Windows - are the screens secure?
  8. Toilet Lid - keep down to prevent drowning
  9. Watch where you Step - some kittens like to follow you and be underfoot
  10. Toys- Interactive toys are meant to be played together and anything with a string or rope can be a hazard.
There are probably other hazards unique to you and/or your home situation or look around on your knees and try to eliminate them prior to the arrival or your new kitten.

Now that you are safe you can all look forward to many happy years together.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ragdoll Kitten Leyla Plays Turtle Game

Leyla loves to play this turtle game with her parents. She hides under her bed with it upside down on her and pokes her head out now and then. She moves along the floor and tries to grab a toy or stick that they are holding near her. It is a fun attack game and Leyla is a clever girl and usually wins the game.

A little about Megailee Leyla - She is a beautiful blue bicolor girl and she lives in Ohio. Her human parents drove about 10+ hours to NC to adopt her from Megailee Ragdolls. Leyla was actually adopted about 2 weeks prior to that by a very nice man, but after a week his wife really didnt want a kitten. I think he was hoping that after receiving the kitten she would fall in love but that didnt happen. He was heartbroken when he returned her to me and vowed to adopt another kitten after his divorce. Hopefully they are still married as I have never heard back from him :) I also now have a policy of wanting to meet the whole family prior to an adoption if possible.
I posted the story about Leyla on the Ragdoll CatGuide Forum and was contacted by this wonderful loving lady named Linda who is now one of the parents of Leyla. They already had a blue bicolor boy named Cello who is about 1 year older. Leyla and Cello are the best of buddies and one big happy family. Sometimes things work out great!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kittens Want To Escape the Nursery

We all know that young children love to explore. Well so do kittens and they especially love the unknown.

I have two litters of ragdoll kittens at home now. One is 4 weeks of age and the other litter is 7 weeks of age. The older litter is in the kitten nursery and the younger litter is in the master bathroom. I will call the older litter the Lucy litter. Every time I enter the room to play or do kitten kindergarten they make a mad dash for the door. It is so funny to watch 5 kittens attacking your feet and running in one direction at the speed of light. In a few short weeks after they get their vaccines they will have run of the house. Supervised of course ;) The younger litter or Cerafina litter is quite happy in their space. They need to work on litterbox, scratch post, and eating solids. They soon will move into the nursery. It is like going to school only the promotions to the next grade is in weeks vs years.

Talking about school - my daughter starts tomorrow! This area in NC where we live has year round schools. It is a strange concept to get used to and very difficult if one works. She is happy that the 2 crazy mean boys are not in her class this year. Hopefully there will be nice girls and boys. I really think school should be for learning and not having to worry about teasing and bullies.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad Day for a Cat Breeder and Pet Owner

It is always sad to see a pet or someone or something you love suffer and be ill. Last week we had to say goodbye to a tiny little ragdoll kitten named Tim.
He was only 3 weeks old and a sweet blue mitted boy. He was born normal and by the second week of life he was not growing as big or fast as his littermates.
He was supplemented and got extra attention by us and his mom. By week 3 he had trouble walking and his head was quite large.

There was obviously a problem so we took him to the vet with some stuffed dolls for company in the carrier. We comforted him on our laps the whole trip there.
The vet could do nothing and confirmed what I suspected. It was water on the brain. We said goodbye to Tim and tears streamed down my daughter and my face. This is the hardest part of breeding. They said it was rare and nonrecurring but none the less it was dramatic for us.

We took Tim home and buried him in the backyard under a shady tree.
We will always love him and will miss him.

Cat Fancy Contest Honorable Mention

Our love and life with cats started several years ago. The big event is when my daughter won an Honorable mention in Cat Fancy magazine when she was only 5 years old. The contest was "Why I Love My Cat". Her photo and the kitty named Fluffy were published and everyone was so excited. It really doesnt take much for us to get excited or celebrate. It is the small thing in life that amazes me. Soon after we adopted calico kitten Fluffy we started adding Ragdoll kittens and cats.

Here is the article:
I love my cat Fluffy because she is nice, soft, and huggable. When she looks at me so cutely, it makes me almost pass out! Fluffy has golden eyes and is calm and sweet. Her fur has really nice colors. Fluffy's ears are big and pointed, and she has little paws she lets me squeeze.
I love my cat Fluffy because she is a good sport about letting me have toys walk on her. She opens her mouth with a funny look and makes me laugh. When Fluffy is hungry, her meow is so loud it hurts my ears. She makes a question mark with her tail when she runs to her food bowl. Fluffy likes to climb in my old crib to talk to me and kiss me.

Fluffy always climbs the Christmas tree and wants to be on top. I think she wants to be the star.

I love my cat. She is my best friend, and I'm glad mommy brought her home and saved her from the shelter.

Now she has toys and me to love her, and she loves me too. I really think she is the star, and she is the tops in my life.

My Ragdoll Kitten Family

My Ragdoll Kitten Family
Megailee Ragdolls